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My wish is that you will hear the subtleties in my music and the silence between the notes


The story of Johannes

"My wish is that you will hear the subtleties in my music and the silence between the notes"

Born in Uppsala, Sweden, Johannes Bornlöf is a musician whose back catalog of music stretches an impressive number of genres including solo piano, epic orchestral, classic orchestral, 2010s pop and even dubstep.

At just two years of age, he began playing the drums and this has remained his first instrument ever since. With musical talent running through the family, Johannes then started learning the piano from his older brother at the age of 11. After graduating from high school, he confined himself in his home studio - which is located in the scenic central Swedish town of Dala-Järna - to focus on becoming an expert in all things musical.

Today, he continues to compose from his home where he lives with his wife and two young sons. Johannes has completed a number of short-term jobs outside of the music world, but he admits that ‘it has always been about the music’ for him, meaning that he has always found his way back to the studio and life as a composer. For Johannes, melodies are crucial and with five of his tracks breaking the 20 million stream mark on Spotify, it’s safe to say this focus is justified. Between 2016 and the present day, he has released numerous EPs and several complete albums, including the epic compilation “The 50 Greatest Epic Piano Pieces”.

If you want to hear music from his other projects where he work across different genres and styles, check out these artist names: Yi Nantiro, Bonnie Grace, Jo Wandrini, Edgar Hopp, Dream Cave, Adriel Fair, Francis Wells, Mary Riddle, and David Celeste.

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